How to make a website for a Jewelry Store

Today I have decided to make an impressive website for a jewelry store. This tutorial will be useful for jewelry business owners who are planning to start selling online or somebody who is going to begin such business.

For making it I have chosen Magento content management system, a young but perfect open source eCommerce web application that allows you to create a functional and well looking online shop.

If you did not hear about Magento CMS earlier I recommend you to visit Magento Site.
So, today you will get detailed instructions on how to create and customize a jewelry store on the basis of Magento CMS and Magento template.

Magento CMS installation procedure

You should begin with downloading the latest Magento package. Magento version is now available for download on Download it and then extract the files. The next necessary step is to upload extracted files to server through FTP.

Pay attention that you follow all server requirements. You may also do it through cPannel -> File Manager.
Set file permissions: navigate to the directory with your FTP client. Then locate the function “Change Permissions” or “Change Mode” in your FTP client and select it. Change mode to writable.

You may do the same via cPannel: login to the cPanel for your domain and click on the File Manager icon under the Files Selection. Make sure a Show Hidden file is selected. Then check the checkboxes next to files and folders to set the permissions.

I should say if you feel difficulties in customization process, you may take the opportunity of Template Tuning services. Here you can order the website templates customization at an affordable price. Their web developers will easily and skillfully do all the necessary changes for you. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then let’s go on!

Magento template installation procedure

Magento template is really the easiest way to change the layout and design of your online store. Using Magento theme you save time and money getting attractive and well looking web store.

When you start searching for a site template, you will come upon many web page designs. But as usual, I recommend you to review website templates provided by TemplatedBusiness. It offers high quality design products that can be easily customized to meet your project needs. Here you will find both Magento static templates and Magento Flash templates that correspond to the main web standards and concentrate on the customers’ core requirements both in terms of usability and information. Well, my choice is 25073.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 1

Let’s start the Magento template installation.

1. Open a hosting control panel.
2. Get to a database management tool (usually phpMyAdmin is used).
3. Create a new database.
4. Import the dump.sql file from the template sources>sample data folder.
5. Run your website beginning the installation procedure.
6. Enter all required data (host name, database name, user name, and password).
7. Go through all installation steps.
8. Upload the “app” and “skin” folders from the template theme_name folder to your Magento root folder (accept the replacement).
9. Upload the media folder from the Magento template sources>sample data folder to the Magento root folder on your server.
10. Refresh the page (CTRL+F5).

Sometimes it’s required to clean the Magento cache:

1. Go to
2. Select System>Cache Management.
3. In Cache Control box check all options and in All Cache dropdown select Refresh.
4. Click Save Cache Settings in the top right corner.
Open your website and refresh the page (CTRL+F5).
Well, we have approached to the most interesting part of our web store creating.
Now you can proceed with the configuration of your web site.
Web store customization procedure

1. Configuration settings
Log into Magento admin panel on using the login and password you specified earlier.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 2

Then navigate to System -> Configuration. Here you can configure the script options per your personal needs. Most options are self-explanatory:

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 3

2. Changing your store’s name and Home page texts

At this stage you will need Adobe Photoshop CS+ to make all necessary modifications.
But before you start you should install the fonts (usually they are placed in “sources/fonts” folder- in this tutorial you’ll find more detailed description). After that open.psd file in Photoshop and let’s learn how to change your jewelry store’s name and Home page texts.

Choose Horizontal Type Tool and enter your store name replacing the default one. If your site title goes out of the slice limits, you may easily resize it with the help of Slice Select Tool. Highlight the logo (mouse left click + CTRL) and stretch the slice borders by mouse left clicking.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 4

After customizing the name we need to save the updated logo. While the slice is still selected, go to “File” -> “Save for Web and Devices”. Make certain that your logo image file is in .gif format and has the same name as the default one. Use an ftp file manager or the ftp tools provided by your hosting provider to upload the image to the server and replace the default one.

Using the same method modify the Home page banners and then re-save them and upload to the server.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 5

3. Customizing HTML Title and Meta Data.

To proceed your web store customization you need to come back to the Magento admin panel.
After you logged in, go to CMS section and click on the Manage Pages link.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 6

Here you can find all existing pages including the Home page we are going to modify on this step. So, select the Home page to edit it.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 7

After that edit the page title. Remember that all of Magento’s built-in pages have their own title.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 8

Now pass to the Meta Data section by clicking the link at the left vertical menu. Fill in the fields with your keywords and description. I recommend you to write an attractive description, that increases your website chances to be visited by search engines users.
Save changes.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 9

4. Static blocks and Poll Manager

Also there are two options which can be useful for your web store.
The first is Static Blocks. In our case we can use this option to modify the links at the bottom of our web site.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 10

The second is Poll Manager. This option allows you to create polls to know an opinion of your web store visitors.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 11

Well, the Home page is ready.

5. Categories and Products

On this step I will teach you how to add and manage products of your web store.
So, we will start with creating a new category. Go to the Catalog section -> Manage Categories and create a category. “Name” is the only required field but don’t forget to choose “Yes” on “Is Active” field to activate the created category.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 12

Now we can add some products under the category. This can be done through the Catalog -> Manage Products section. Click on the “Add Products” button. “New Product” page will open. Configure product settings: product attribute set to “default”, product type – “simple”.

By pressing the “Continue” button open the next page and specify the following mandatory fields: product name, product description, short description, a stock keeping unit (or SKU), product weight and product visibility.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 13

Then click on the “Create New Attribute” button and add attributes to your product. Once you are ready with the product details, click on the “Save” button.

You will be transferred to the “Prices” page where you can specify the default product price, a special price and its validity, the cost and whether it is taxable.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 14

Well, click the “Save” button. The new product has been added to your web store. Let’s assign the product to the category. Follow the “Categories” link in the Product Information section on the left and check the categories your product has to belong to.

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 15

After that follow the “Inventory” link to define the available quantity of the product and whether it is in the stock.

You can also fill in Meta information, upload product images, and check product reviews, product tags and the other options. Once you are ready, click on the “Save” button.

6. Promotions

“Promotions” is another useful section where you can set promotions, define the rules for them and the customers’ groups for which the promotions are valid:

How to make a website for a Jewelry Store image 16

7. Managing reports

You should know Magento CMS allows you to get multiple comprehensive statistics and reports.
Just go to the “Reports” section and choose the type of report you want to analyze.
I recommend you to monitor your sales, products, customers, shopping cart, reviews, tags and search terms.

Choosing a hosting provider

When choosing the hosting services you should be guided first of all by other people reviews, prices and quality. On this basis I recommend you
If you experience any troubles with registering a domain name or hosting you can always contact professionals.

Website Promotion

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You can try live demo of the template to see how your jewelry store will look like.


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